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Working at Smelt
Working via Smelt means working on projects that matter. Projects that have an impact on the health of Dutch and global society. You work with people from different backgrounds, opinions and ideas. Both in national and international settings, as an experienced (interim) professional and as a starter in the labour market. We offer assignments in which you are challenged in your daily work and in your personal development.

Are you the talent that will strengthen our team?
We are an organization where all different kinds of expertise are functioning collectively. When different types of people are working together, certain positive energy will grow and your work becomes more diverse and challenging.

The variety of talents offers creativity, learning curves and inventive solutions. Not only will you learn more about yourself, but you will also contribute to customers’ success. That is why we are looking for people with a lot of, and different, competencies. Do you know who you are and what has to offer, then come and orient yourself on a career at Smelt?

Your career at Smelt
Smelt employees have different backgrounds. If you are selected for a career at Smelt, we got to know you as someone who wants to take control of his future and, therefore, career. You think about where you want to go and you are prepared to invest in your future. Together we determine a direction into the career you want to follow and then we align the assignments that are the best for your own personal development.

Your personal progress is our strength
While working on various projects via Smelt, you have the opportunity to gain knowledge of various companies, cultures, objectives and, of course, disciplines of the areas of expertise. In addition, you quickly learn to understand what a department’s mission is and how a department can rise to the next level. In other words, by working within different organizations on various projects, you automatically work on strengthening your employability, you learn to be agile, and you develop competencies such as; teamwork, project-based working and solving complex problems more quickly.

We think it is important to develop you as broadly as we can so that you can shape and share your own vision. That is why Smelt regularly organizes meetings with guest speakers from different points of view. It could be an update about a new law, an explanation of innovation, a healthcare or business professional, who will explain his or her field.

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Healthcare Traineeship

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