How to Choose the Right Training for Your Career

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It is important to choose a training that aligns with your schedule.

Understand what and why 

Before looking into any training options, it is crucial to understand exactly why you are looking for a training course and what you are interested in.  

  • What are your learning objectives, and why are they important to your professional development?  

If you are in search of team training, then you might like to pin-point where your team could improve and which skills need to be developed to reach company goals.  

  • Understanding the ‘why’ will help you align with training courses that have your goals in mind.  

If you are having trouble with your decision, Smelt Academy offers a free consultation to provide advice on which training courses would fit your career or team development.  


Once you have decided what you want to learn and why you can dive into the researching process. 

This does not have to feel like an overwhelming chore; 

  • Narrow down your options by focusing on training that accommodates your specific career industry and field, as well as your goals and interests.  

As an example, Smelt Academy provides training for sales, marketing, management and medical professionals in the Life Sciences industry. We would not be a smart choice for a professional working in luxury goods.  

Once you have found a few options for potential training providers, compare them.  

  • Check the training course description or one-pager 
  • Does the course align with your learning goals? 
  • What level of experience is required for this training?  

Check the details! 

It is important to choose a training that aligns with your schedule.  

  • How long does the course last? 
  • How many hours per week or per day are required? 
  • Is the training in-person or online? 
  • Does the cost of the training fall into your allotted development budget or can you personally afford it? 

Your potential training provider should be able to provide the answers to these questions, we recommend visiting websites and social media accounts. Scheduling a meeting with a trainer is another wonderful opportunity to understand a training’s goals and specific details (and if it aligns with you). 

At Smelt Academy, we provide personalised training solutions, and we guarantee that your training needs are met through a combination of detailed consultations and quality services. 

The quality of the training 

  • What is the reputation of the training provider? How long have they been training? 
  • Do they care about your development needs? 
  • Do they offer innovative multi-channel learning methods? 
  • Do they have the facilities and equipment needed for the course? 
  • How many participants are in each course? 
  • How will you be assessed at the end of the course?  
  • What kind of certificate will you receive? 

Discover who the trainers are


Who is involved? 

Discover who the trainers are. Do they have experience giving training? Are they creditable sources of information? Is their teaching style a good match for you? 

Connect with trainers on LinkedIn or contact them to hear about their experience.  

Discover past participants. Do their profiles match yours? You could reach out and ask for their opinions on the training.  

At Smelt Academy, we collect feedback from all our training participants and find high-quality trainers with expertise in their field to perform the training.  

How will the training benefit you? 

One of the more important questions is, how will your career benefit from the training you choose? 

Based on all the details you have researched;  

  • Will you finish the training with a significantly better understanding of the topic at hand? 
  • Will this training provider accommodate your learning objectives? 
  • Will you re-enter your career with newfound skills and knowledge?  

If you answered yes to all these questions, then there is a good chance you have chosen great training for your career and future development.  

Visit the Smelt Academy’s website at, and discover our variety of Life Sciences training programs. We could have the right training for you.  

Questions? Get in contact with us!