What is a bias-free hiring process?

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We all have biases. Some are conscious, and some operate on the unconscious level.
But what happens when our beliefs (even those we are unaware of) interfere in a hiring process?
Bias-free recruitment ensures that all candidates are assessed similarly and based on the same criteria. This practice will consider their qualities, education and skills rather than their appearance or background.

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1️⃣️️️ It helps to create a diverse team or talent pool, including specific groups with various backgrounds.
2️⃣ Bias-free recruitment will rely on questions and analysis that prioritize the requirements and work experience asked for a job position.

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?‍? Educate your team about biases and how to avoid them.
? Design standard interviews.
? Consider hiring an experienced and bias-free partner as Smelt, that will ensure an ethical hiring process based on evidence.
? Write inclusive job descriptions.
?‍? Make data-driven decisions.

Equalture: a game-based assessment 

To ensure a bias-free hiring process, Smelt uses Equalture. Equalture is a game-based assessment, introduced at the beginning of the hiring process to see the true potential of your candidates. Based on science, not bias. Equalture’s games are non-trainable, non-manipulable, free from biases and very enjoyable, which ensures equal treatment of all candidates.

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