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16 01, 2023

Bias-free recruitment: what it is and how to implement in your organization

January 16th, 2023|Categories: , Talent Sourcing|

Humans are all subject to inclinations or opinions for or against someone or something, which is called bias. These biases can be conscious or operate on a conscious or unconscious level. However, as recruiters, if we don't investigate our prejudices and assumptions, they can interfere in the hiring process, as reported in a survey conducted by Unique in 2020. Accordingly to a study with 1,130 Dutch workers, 25% of job seekers with an ethnically diverse background suffered rejection in the Dutch job market due to age, gender or ethnicity. These forms of discrimination are forbidden under Dutch law and others. In this blog post, you will learn what strategies your organization can adopt to fight biases and the benefits of bias-free recruitment. The advantages of a bias-free hiring process for an organization Did you know that implementing a bias-free hiring process can benefit an organization's growth? Adopting bias-free recruitment ensures that all candidates are assessed similarly and based on the same criteria. The recruiters or hiring managers will consider their qualities, education and skills rather than external factors such as appearance or background. Consequently, candidates who are a proper fit with the company will be selected, contributing to a longer tenure. It is all about finding the right people for your organization! Additionally, this practice enables the recruitment of individuals from different backgrounds who can contribute with their unique experiences to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Recommendations to make your hiring process equal and bias-free Designing a bias-free recruitment process doesn't have to be lengthy and challenging. Your team and organization can take a few steps to get started. 1. Team up with the DEI specialists. Does your organization have a DEI (Diversity, Equity

10 01, 2023

Is your organisation prepared to attract and maintain talent in 2023?

January 10th, 2023|Categories: , Talent Sourcing|

According to a Forbes report, recruitment and retention activities will take centre stage as workers continue to have leverage in a tight job market. This can affect industries such as life sciences and healthcare. Is your organisation prepared to attract and maintain talent in 2023? Connecting with our exclusive network of candidates and experts, Smelt quickly presents precisely the people you need to complete your team and organisation. Discover our workforce solutions for life sciences and healthcare: https://bit.ly/3vFJ1ID ? Source: https://bit.ly/3vLvmzz

5 12, 2022

4 Benefits of hiring a recruitment partner focused on the life sciences industry

December 5th, 2022|Categories: Articles, Interim management, Talent Sourcing|

Partnering with a recruitment agency can be very advantageous for organizations in the Life Sciences industry, not only hiring managers. Keep reading to understand what you can expect from a recruitment partner specialized in the life sciences industry.     Benefit 1: Specialized recruiters  An agency like Smelt has specialized staff dedicated to recruiting in a specific sector, for example, life science and healthcare positions. As a result, we have better knowledge of technical or complex open positions that your organization may need.   At Smelt, our recruiters are dedicated to finding qualified candidates or interim professionals in the life sciences and healthcare industries located in the Netherlands.  Besides recruitment, we offer a full range of services for your organization. You can check our services here.    Benefit 2: Fast service   A recruitment agency can find the perfect candidate to fill your position much faster than your team. Why?   A recruitment agency like Smelt has a large network of experienced candidates active in our database. Our recruiters and consultants are trained to find the right candidate with the hard and soft skills you are looking for.  We will always present candidates that match your search criteria, speeding up the hiring process and saving you time.  If your organization is looking for an interim professional to join the team, we offer access to our interim database, where your hiring manager can select specific criteria and find the candidates that match their search. This tool will accelerate your hiring process.  You can check our interim talent pool here.    Benefit 3: Knowledge of the market   Understanding the market we are recruiting for is essential to a recruitment agency specialized in the life science industry.  When partnering with a