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Healthcare is barely presented as a career option for people without medical training. Our sector loses out on a lot of talent as a result.

Healthcare Traineeships are a new initiative by healthcare organizations and businesses active in the healthcare sector. This program will bridge the gap between academic knowledge and the practical experience required by the job market. Carefully selected trainees will gain work experience on a project basis at leading organizations operating in the different sectors of the healthcare industry. The trainees will be taught management skills and will build a network with various stakeholders. As a result of this collaboration, the traineeship will also be linked to changes in the healthcare sector, such as issues about the affordability of healthcare.

We are looking for organizations to work with us for this traineeship. Would you like to take part?

What is in it for your company?

  • Expanding future workforce
  • Contribution to employer values
  • Learning from the current generation
  • Competitive advantage

Healthcare traineeships aim to develop talented young master’s graduates into young professionals who make a well-considered choice of a career in healthcare because they can make the difference when it comes to the challenging issues facing the healthcare sector.

The healthcare traineeship is a professional study/work program, developed by various organizations from different sectors within healthcare. Via a traineeship, talented young people gain in-depth knowledge about the dynamic, but also complex field of work of healthcare. The trainee also builds up a wide professional network, very useful to his or her further career.

Currently, two traineeships are in development:

    • Leadership
    • Clinical Research
    The traineeship is a co-creation by organizations from different disciplines in healthcare, such as:

    • hospitals
    • health insurers
    • wholesale and retail
    • clinical research organizations
    • pharmaceutical and medical devices industry
    • the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS)
    • food industry

    Trainee Requirements

    • Master’s Degree, maximum age of 30
    • is capable of proactively creating solutions for various problems
    • Highly motivated, looking for a challenge and sets ambitious targets
    • Is perchance engaged in a second master and/or has won awards
    • Has proven additional functions and / or work / internship experience abroad
    • Strong communication skills (oral and written) in Dutch and English


    • Pharmacy
    • Medicine
    • Biomedicine
    • Health Sciences
    • Economics
    • Econometrics
    • Law
    • Business Administration
    • IT


    The trainee has:

    • gone through a strong personal development and has developed relevant knowledge and skills
    • built a broad and relevant network in healthcare
    • met potential employers
    • exceptional career prospects