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Secondment, payroll, self-employed, and interim management services fall under the umbrella of the services of Smelt Outsourcing. We take care of all the employees in your flexible non-core workforce. Developing a flexible workforce is a complex and time consuming-process. Smelt professionals keep you up to date with what forms of flexibility you need in both the long and the short term.

Smelt, in consultation with your organization, develops policies for the recruiting, developing, remunerating, and on and off boarding of your flexible talent. In addition, we also support you in creating and promoting the flow in your flexible pool. You decide which management tasks you will do yourself and which you will outsource to us. Our experience in commercial healthcare means that your employees are in professional hands.

Advantages for you

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Transfer of the administrative tasks and legal aspects of providing employment
  • Minimal costs for sick leave and expert sick leave guidance
  • 1 temporary staff supplier for your entire flexible workforce

Secondment and Payroll

  • Projectteams
  • Extra Sales Force
  • Shared Sales Force

Interim Management Solutions

  • Professional start up & contracting services
  • 24/7 access to the interim platform

Project Outsourcing

  • Sales Teams
  • Co-promotie