About Smelt

Smelt recruits, secondes and develops driven and professional talents in the world of health care and technology.

As a candidate you can discover your career in the Smelt Career Center. You will be guided in this by experts who have experience in the industry. A relationship with Smelt is a relationship for life. Not only do you find your first assignment or job with Smelt.
We will guide you through your successful start and start working quickly with a tailor-made development process. And who knows, you will become our new client in the future.

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Talent Pool

A Talent pool is a database of high potential candidates (permanent and interim) who may be interesting for organizations in the future. Organizations can choose that certain positions are too important to become vacant. Smelt is building a talent pool for these positions.

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Secondment, payrolling and freelance and interim management are the services that belong to Outsourcing at Smelt. We take care of all employees in your flexible shell. Developing this flexible shell is a complex and time-consuming process. The professionals from Smelt identify with you which forms of flexibility are needed in the short and long term.

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You like doing business with a reliable partner with insight into the labor market, someone who listens to your needs and translates these into goals.
Smelt is this strategic partner. All our consultants have their own specializations within the healthcare sector.

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Meeting “Start as a freelancer”

Starting as an interim professional, what is involved?
Smelt organizes information meetings and sets out the steps to take.
Experienced Interim Professionals are always there to share their learning moments with you.

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