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Your organisation faces a number of tough challenges.

  • you are starting a new organisation
  • you are going to open a new office in the Netherlands
  • you are going to expand
  • you’re going to take over a company

These are all reasons to keep focus on your business activities and to search for a partner who can take care of all human resources (HR), administration and organizational development.

With Smelt’s HR service desk, you no longer have to spend time answering employees’ questions about holidays, terms of employment and claims submitted.
Your employees can put all their questions to the HR professionals of Smelt. You are assured of quick and expert answers to your own questions and those of your employees.

Our services

  • Personnel information system
  • Consultancy on various HR related issues
  • Daily availability of Human Resources Managers
  • Payrolls of your employees
  • Retrieve references
  • Discussing the employment contract
  • Extend or cancel contract
  • Report to the tax authorities and insurers
  • Certified occupational health and safety service
  • Regular company doctor
  • Reintegrate with policy
  • Comply with all legal obligations
  • Absenteeism insurance
  • Salary and expense allowances (payout)
  • Lease cars & fuel passes
  • Holidays and holidays
  • Sick days
  • Translating policy issues into policy
  • Lease policy
  • Reimbursements of expenses
  • Retirement facilities
  • Performance reviews
  • Interim management or payroll decisions
  • Adapt employment contracts
  • Revised personnel handbook
  • Adaptation procedures
  • Risk analysis & bear own risk
  • Prolonged absenteeism
  • Termination of contract of employment during illness
  • Care leave & calamity leave
  • Accrual of holidays during prolonged absenteeism
  • Draw up and implement personal development plans POP with employees
  • Developing talents in line with the strategic goals of the organisation
  • Consultancy for managers who want to develop their teams and team members
  • Purchase of trainings and courses

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Your benefits

– daily availability on demand for advice and follow-up of Human Resources activities
– extensive knowledge of personnel and payroll administration, legislation and regulations
– less ad hoc questions in your department
– one-stop shop for all HR questions
– high employee satisfaction about hr thanks to good and fast information provision

With the HR Service desk of Smelt

– you save costs
– reduce your risks
– you save time
– you have professional HR services at your disposal even if your organisation is small

Related services

Which recruitment strategy best suits your organisation. Outsourcing that vacancy to a recruitment agency or a recruiter in the arm nement. We will be happy to map it out for you.
If you decide that the payrolling of employees should also be outsourced. For example, your organisation is so small that keeping a payroll administration becomes too expensive. In that case, you can opt for the payroll services of Smelt.
Our HR experts will inform you and your expats about the application of the 30% regulation. All information, interviews and documentation is provided in both Dutch and English.
Of course, we also have the necessary expertise to draw up clear management reports using the usual Business Intelligence tools.