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Are you an interim professional in the life sciences and healthcare industry or do you want to become one, join Smelt Interim Network now and enjoy:

  • Access to the best assignments
  • Expand your network
  • Staying up to date with important entrepreneurial legislation and industry developments
  • Strengthening competencies
  • Train skills
  • Spruce about your ambitions and career

At Smelt Career Center we welcome you. Especially for freelancers we offer a platform to meet each other and potential clients. You develop yourself within the Interim Academy. Create a profile for the Interim platform today and experience the partnership with Smelt and the benefits this offers.

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I am Interim Professional

You are an interim professional or you consider to become one. Enter the largest network interim professionals and experts of the Dutch life sciences & health. Meet potential clients as well as collegue-interim-professionals. Within the network Smelt offers several advantages for example participation in the Smelt (Interim) Academy.

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I search for an interim professional

You consider to hire a Interim Professional or Expert, or you already cooperate often with Interim professionals. Discover the largest network of interim professionals for life sciences & health and experience the expertise and competencies of the interim professionals.

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Interim Product Manager

As Product Manager, you will be responsible for delivering the share, sales and profit growth objectives of assigned brands. This will be accomplished by executing the marketing plans in line with the brand strategy, managing all aspects of brand operations and recommending changes to the brand plan as needed, based on plan performance. Can you begin soon and does this sounds like your area of expertise? If so, click the link to read more and apply today to start this operational assignment.

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