You like doing business with a reliable partner with insight into the labor market, someone who listens to your needs and translates these into goals.
Smelt is this strategic partner. All our consultants have their own specializations within the healthcare sector.

Smelt Recruitment & Selection is specialized in strategic recruitment and resourcing for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, clinical research organizations, and other stakeholders the healthcare landscape.
Our services are many-faceted, from recruiting permanent staff, through the building of a flexible non-core workforce, to putting together a talent pool. An overview of our services:

Smelt offers the following recruitment services within commercial healthcare:

  • Permanent staffing
  • Talent recruitment
  • Executive search
  • Co-creating Healthcare Traineeship
  • Yousta for your start in the Dutch healthcare market
  • Hello Oncology for support in the field of oncology

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Are you an employer struggling with capacity? Smelt Interim Services puts employees and employers in touch with one another via this online platform.

  • Online platform for supply and demand
  • 24/7 database access
  • Fast and professional service

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Together with your organization, we develop policy for the recruitment, pay, and on and off boarding of your flexible talent.

  • Saving on costs on your temporary staff
  • Long-term planning for your temporary staff
  • Unity in your temporary staff pool
  • Reduction on the number of temporary staff suppliers

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As an employer you cannot afford to let your critical posts remain vacant for long. A talent pool is a database of potential employees who might be interesting to your business in the future. As soon as you have a vacancy, you can consult our talent pool quickly to see if it contains a profile that meets your requirements.

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Smelt Academy

The Smelt Academy offers a wide range of training courses to develop your talents, both individually and in team settings, many of which are tailored to particular professional groups. The Smelt Academy focuses on innovative learning methods and current developments within healthcare.
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The Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology Knowledge (in Dutch: Kennisinstituut Geneesmiddelen en Medische Technologie, or KGMT) develops courses with stakeholders from a broad societal perspective, in the form of training, master classes, meetings, and symposia. The KGMT focuses on the funding of care, in particular that of pharmaceuticals and medical technology.

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Market & Patient Access

Market and Patient access training courses provide insight into the financing of the Dutch healthcare landscape and the most recent developments that impact you as a supplier. After market training, guidance by experienced consultants in the field of patient access issues is one way of anchoring knowledge amassed within your organization.
All of our training courses can be tailored to stakeholders within patient organizations, the government, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical and devices industry.

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Healthcare is barely presented as a career option for people without medical training. Our sector loses out on a lot of talent as a result. The Healthcare Traineeship aims to bridge the gap between master’s graduates and healthcare.

We are still looking for partners to help us realize this traineeship.
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Smelt is specialized in the development and implementation of tailor made healthcare projects. As an independent link between healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry, Smelt provides the opportunity to develop a high-quality healthcare project in collaboration with you, such as:

  • Online project modules and projectmanagement
  • Websites and apps for patients and doctors
  • Secure online platform for the exchange of medical data
  • Flexible staffing solutions in healthcare, possibly linked to a project

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