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General management

Smelt - Juliette Smelt Smelt team

Juliëtte Smelt

Managing Director
+31 35 543 00 21

Juliette has studied Business Administration & Entrepreneurship.
After taking up jobs, Juliette continued studying and attending courses such as
Marketing (Nima), Innovation management (Stenden), Talent Management (Nijenrode).

Experienced in complex sales roles in pharma and medical devices, Juliette took over
SMC Smelt Management Consultancy in 2001.
In her position as General Manager, she is responsible for a large number
of tasks for her own organisation such as the
continuous innovation of organisational roles to changing market conditions,
alignment and development of systems,
as well as scaling up and down of the organisation.
Smelt offers a variety of flexible staffing solutions and is employer
for an average of 35 external employees.
Bridging interests, short-term plans and long-term goals have become nature.
Juliette founded the Smelt Academy and made it successfully through
co-creation with stakeholders from Pharma and the Dutch HC landscape.

By creating and – re-devlopment of innovative learningpaths,
including digital platforms, the Smelt Academy stands for renewal and quality.
Insights, learnings from many (HR) cases and experience out of hand
have developed Juliette into a well appreciated consultant for local
and international issues. Together with her (inter)national network
she services her customers with challenging discussions, with commitment,
respect and always driven by what is needed to meet future
challenges and targets.

Recruitment team

Our consultants’ aim is to provide added value and personal attention in everything they do. We happily share are indepth market knowledge with our clients and candidates. This has led to our unsurpassed client satisfaction.

Smelt- Joan van Droffelaar Recuitment team

Joan van Droffelaar

Senior Consultant

Susanne Veendrick


Smelt Academy team

Marius Hooft

Training Coordinator
+31 35 543 00 21

Judith Palinckx

Training Coordinator
+31 35 543 00 21

Sandra Hegge

Training Coordinator
+31 35 543 00 21

Business development team

Marius Hooft

Business development manager a.i
+31 35 543 00 21

Anneke Nolte

Marketing Strategist a.i.

Business Services team

Iris Calmes

HR Manager
+31 35 543 00 21

Smelt - Helina Ruwaard Smelt team

Helina Ruwaard

Finance Manager
+31 35 543 00 21

Hamiyet Sahingoz

Financieel medewerker
+31 35 543 00 21