You like doing business with a trustworthy partner with an understanding of the labor market, someone who listens to your needs and translates them into goals. Smelt is this strategic partner. All of our consultants have their own specializations within the healthcare industry. By putting our extensive networks at your disposition, we headhunt candidates for you who match your company culture and who rise to the challenges you have for them.

Smelt Staffing Services is a top pharmaceutical and scientific recruitment service, including executive search,  serving clients and candidates in Amsterdam, and across the country (The Netherlands). Our pharmaceutical & life sciences – engineer recruiters  specialize in placing qualified candidates into rewarding career opportunities with top employers. Smelt provides the following industries with Contract, Contract-to-Hire, Direct Hire and RPO staffing services:

  • Mapping
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Headhunting
  • Assessments
  • Depth interviews

Smelt Recruitment & Selection place scientific, pharmaceutical, and business professionals in many of the following careers

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Scientists
  • Drug Safety / pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Affairs
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Management
  • Brand Management
  • Online Marketing & Communications
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • Key Account Management
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Biotech Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Packaging Design


If you are interested in increasing your organization’s profitability, the services of a professional recruiting firm can save you money and help you maximize your bottom line. At Smelt, we can help you:

Reclaim time;
Find better qualified candidates;
Objectively assess candidates hard and soft skills based on empirically based testing criteria;
Increase retention rates;
Provide the safeguard of a guarantee period; and
Shorten your replacement cycle.
If you are ready to outsource your next hire, give us a call

When you have one or more vacancies, you can choose to let Smelt carry out the recruitment process for you. Our specialized consultants recruit talented individuals for health care institutions, healthcare insurers, clinical research organizations, and organizations in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industry on a daily basis.
Smelt strives towards a perfect match between candidate and organization. We achieve this by assembling Talent Pools with an eye on the future capacity and needs of an organization. Additionally, we facilitate a platform for temps and the self-employed so that they are always able to find each other.
The Healthcare Traineeship will bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge obtained at university and practical experience required for the job market. Carefully selected trainees will gain work experience at leading organizations operating in the various sectors of the healthcare industry. The trainees will be given training in management skills and build a network with various stakeholders. As a result of this partnership, the traineeship will also match game changes and the affordability of healthcare.

Smelt is currently looking for a variety of organizations in the healthcare industry to bring this about in the immediate future. Are you interested? Please contact us.


Het belang van snelheid in het vervullen van vacatures heeft de afgelopen periode sterk aan terrein gewonnen.

Met snelheid
bereikt u kwalitatief betere kandidaten
realiseert u de organisatie-doelstellingen eerder
verlaagt u de (verborgen) recruitment kosten

Hoe trage recruitmentprocessen uw organisatie negatief

Vanzelfsprekend mag kwaliteit niet lijden onder snelheid. Onze unieke aanpak garandeert kwaliteit in snelle procedures.

Betrouwbaar al 30 jaar
U doet graag zaken met een betrouwbare partner met inzicht in de arbeidsmarkt, iemand die luistert naar uw behoeften en deze vertaalt in doelen. Smelt is deze strategische partner. Al onze consultants hebben hun eigen specialisaties binnen de gezondheidszorg. Door onze uitgebreide netwerken tot uw beschikking te stellen, zoeken wij kandidaten voor u die passen bij uw bedrijfscultuur en die de uitdagingen aangaan die u voor hen heeft.

Wanneer u één of meerdere vacatures heeft, kunt u ervoor kiezen om Smelt het rekruteringsproces voor u uit te laten voeren. Onze gespecialiseerde consultants werven dagelijks getalenteerde mensen voor zorginstellingen, zorgverzekeraars, klinische onderzoeksorganisaties en organisaties in de biotechnologische, farmaceutische en medische hulpmiddelenindustrie.

Who doesn’t dream of a mailbox full of qualified candidates for the vacancy. Yes, it could become reality even for your specific vacancy. By applying the right steps, words, platforms and above all strategy, you will attract applicants to your organisation. Smelt delivers a in-house service for recruitment (process) optimization. Contact Oliver Gell and Jan Jaap Koster for a recruitment scan and learn about your quick wins.

Leave nothing to chance and invest in your candidate experience. Candidates may withdraw from an application if the processes are too slow, this can lead to a break down on your brand image as an innovative place to be for enthusiastic candidates. Within the Netherlands it is very common for candidates and employees to leave feedback regarding your recruitment processes or how the culture is within your company on Glassdoor. This information is visible to potential candidates who are looking to apply for a position within your company.

Het Healthcare Traineeship overbrugt de kloof tussen de theoretische kennis van de universiteit en de praktische ervaring die nodig is voor de arbeidsmarkt. Zorgvuldig geselecteerde trainees zullen werkervaring opdoen bij toonaangevende organisaties die actief zijn in de verschillende sectoren van de gezondheidszorg. De trainees krijgen een opleiding in managementvaardigheden en bouwen een netwerk op met verschillende stakeholders. Als gevolg van deze samenwerking zal het traineeship ook matchen met veranderingen in het spel en de betaalbaarheid van de gezondheidszorg.

Smelt is momenteel op zoek naar diverse organisaties in de gezondheidszorg om dit in de nabije toekomst te realiseren. Bent u geïnteresseerd? Neem dan contact met ons op.



  • Vast personeel
  • Talent recruitment
  • Executive search
  • Co-creatie Traineeship in de gezondheidszorg


  • Farmaceutische Industrie
  • Medical Device Industrie
  • Biotechnologie
  • Clinical Research Organisations
  • Zorgverzekeraars
  • Zorginstellingen


  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Medical
  • Clinical
  • Market Acces
  • Project Management