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In the digital era of today, many of us are capable of hopping online to search for career opportunities, send CVs, and set up interview meetings. This communication ease is wonderful considering the lack of obstacles for those in need of a job, but there are some serious benefits of using a recruiter that you may be missing if you search and apply solo. 

10 reasons why you should use a recruiter during your next job search 

Reason 1: Your success is our success 

At the end of the day, recruiters are rooting for you. By successfully placing candidates we are providing professionals with exciting career steps and filling important vacancies for our clients. Your success is a win-win for us. We have the persistence and motivation it takes to get you hired.


Reason 2: We know what our clients want 

Recruiters engage in regular communication with hiring companies, we understand the vacancies inside out. We know exactly what our clients are looking for and can help you communicate your value. We know the company culture & values; we can help you determine a match.  


Reason 3: We will know if you are a good fit or not 

If we approach you or suggest a job opportunity, we see potential in you. If you were job searching solo, you might have overlooked a position with an unfamiliar title or a company you have never heard of. Using a recruiter provides more opportunities with a higher success rate. 


Reason 4: Some of our vacancies are not found online 

Companies that are looking to hire specific professionals might not place their vacancies on the world-wide web. The task of looking through candidates and assessing them in an unbiased and equitable manner is often done by reputable recruiters. They will be able to perform this role and single out a few professionals that could fit perfectly.  


Reason 5: It is our job to remember you 

It is often the case that you apply somewhere and do not hear back or get turned down with zero feedback. By working with a recruiter, your CV is guaranteed careful consideration. Even if an opportunity does not end up being a match, we will keep your profile top of mind for other similar positions. Constructive feedback is also provided to help you progress in your search.  


Reason 6: Interview tips 

Recruiters will be able to tell you exactly who you will be interviewed by and what their role is within the company. We will be able to help you finetune your CV and interview skills if necessary. Additional information about job expectations, salary, and benefits are also available before the interview stages begin. 


Reason 7: We save you time 

Searching for career opportunities is time-consuming, it might be easy to go online to see what is available but finding a position that fits all your criteria is a challenge. One 20-minute call with a recruiter can save you hours of job hunting.  


Reason 8: Recruiters have an extensive network 

Networking is an effective way of finding job opportunities, but one individual only has so many connections. Recruiters spend all day connecting, calling, and introducing candidates – our extensive network can really benefit your application’s visibility. 


Reason 9: Specific skills require specific positions 

Are you specialized in your field, and do you want a position that utilizes your specific skills? Recruiters are often specialized in a certain industry; for example, Smelt has expert recruiters in the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry. We have many connections within our industry and can provide you with highly specialized career paths and opportunities. 


Reason 10: Find your career partner 

Recruitment agencies can become career partners for life. We provide you with full confidentiality during your job searches and aim for the best possible opportunities for your chosen career path. We can also recommend trainings for further learning & development and keep you informed on current information within your industry.  

Before you begin your next job hunt consider the possibilities and benefits of using a recruitment company. Building a relationship with a recruiter or consultant is a connection that can serve you for the entirety of your career journey. We are here to help, let us collaborate on your future accomplishments. 

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